Paraguay Residency

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The laws around Paraguay Residency changed in 2022, but in February 2023, the process got back on track, and it is actually easier than before to get your residency. The 0% tax on foreign income is still in effect.

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What is Included

  • Temporary Residency + Cedula + Tax ID + 6 free months of accountancy.
  • Translation of English documents from a Translator in Paraguay
  • Local address in Paraguay to acquire Temporary Residency
  • Assistance in acquiring your Paraguay Tax ID
  • Compilation, compliance revision, and due diligence work of all necessary paperwork, as well as taking care of all appointments and communication with immigration and consular officers.
  • Concierge services at Paraguay immigration offices (transportation and accommodation, legal advice and representation, and legal translation services).
  • Pick up from hotel/AirBnB to Immigration office and back to hotel/AirBnB
  • In Paraguay our team will work side by side with you to assure all of your local arrangements are completed during your stay, managing translations, arranging for a basic medical exam, visiting government offices to submit your residency registration etc.) Provided all of your paperwork is complete and in order before you arrive, then everything will be taken care of and is already included in your package!


Types of Paraguay Visas 

Currently everybody will be receiving a temporary residency visa.

Receiving the Paraguayan residency is a first step to applying for a Paraguayan passport, if you so desire. However, before beginning the naturalization process a period of three years must lapse.


Planning for Your Visit to Paraguay

Every person who applies for Residency and a Cedula must personally come to Asuncion. For that trip, please allocate at least 5 full working days to complete the initial processing. It could happen in 2-3 days, but ensure a full week to avoid dissapointment.
Once you have received your Paraguayan residency (Admisión Permanente), you can apply for the Paraguayan ID (Cédula), which again requires your presence in Paraguay for approximately 3 working days. Then, after a processing time of around one month, you will receive the Paraguayan ID which establishes your legal identity in Paraguay, allowing you most of the same rights as any Paraguayan, for example to start a business, buy property, travel into the country without a visa and to live in Paraguay as a resident for as long as you want.

How to Become becoming a Paraguay Tax Resident

Once your Cedula is issued, we can apply for your RUC (Tax ID). A certificate of fiscal residence can also be obtained.

How to Move from Temp to Permanent Residency

Foreigners need to acquire a Temporary Residency first, and then move to Permanent Residency after 2 years.


Required Documents

Note: All must be apostilled or equivalent.

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Criminal record check (aka background check)


Order Now

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  • Children age 13 and under receive a discounted price, order here.
  • For a family of 4, we also offer a discounted price, order here.
  • The faster you make the purchase, the faster you get your residency. The price and requirements go up all the time, so the sooner the better.