Argentina Rentista Visa

A foreign national who has annual income of at least ARS30,000, may be eligible to apply for a temporary resident visa. The visa has a validity of 1 year, renewable up to 3 years.

It is required to prove an annual income of at least ARS30,000 from a guaranteed source. It includes the applicant, his / her spouse, and children under 25 years of age.

You must show proof of your income from investments in foreign banks or companies, or securities issued by banks in the Argentine banking system and purchased with resources from abroad. Additional income might be required to include dependents.

This requirement may be fulfilled making a bank deposit of at least ARS30,000 at a local bank.

Rentista Visa holders may establish a business or work on their own, but may not work as employees.

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– Police check

– Entry visa stamp

– Proof of income from investments in foreign banks or companies, or securities issued by banks in the Argentine banking system.

– All documents must be duly translated into Spanish (we help with this)

– Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate


Path to Permanent Residency and Citizenship

Getting on the path to Argentina citrizenship requires minimum 6 months stay per year. One can obtain the residence and then leave, but if staying under 6 mo it’s not possible to renew, convert to permanent or apply for citizenship. Expect Permanent residency after 2 years for mercosur citizens and 3 years otherwise. Citizenship application possible in 2 years of temporary residence, no need to get permanent residency unless explicitly desired.


Permanent Residence FAQ

– Truly permanent, doesn’t need renewing. Only ID Card (DNI) must be renewed
– Basically no minimum stay requirements
– Brazilian citizens can ask for permanent residence right away and skip temporary residence altogether
– Takes from 6-12 months to be issued. While it is not issued one stays with the “Residencia Precaria” which must be extended every 90 days.
– If you just apply for the residency but then leave the country and don’t come back, they can deny the extension of your residencia precaria. So only apply for permanent residency if actually willing to wait in Argentina until it is issued


Citizenship FAQ

– Process takes about 1 year
– Judges will evaluate what they call arraigos – attachments to the land.
– Among other things, the judges will evaluate entries and exits to the country. So forget about getting permanent residency, staying 2 weeks in the country and getting citizenship after 2 years
– Other arraigo options include giving birth in argentina (and thus being a parent to an Argentinian) and marrying an Argentinian to show ties to the land.
– Birth tourism does work, but be careful with birth tourism at late stages of pregnancy as immigration has been controlling that a bit more since the russians and ukrainians started coming in.
– Important to understand that the citizenship applications are evaluated by a judge so there is always a degree of subjectivity. Ideally one will create as many ties as possible to the country.


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