Uruguay Residency Service

Uruguay is one of the safest and most stable countries in Latin America.

In our opinion, Uruguay residency is one of the must-have residencies in the region.

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Application Process

The process gets started before you arrive in the country. Most tasks can be accomplished from abroad, but you can ALSO come to Uruguay “early” if you so chose. This is unique to Uruguay, which is pretty cool. People can apply during their 90 day stay and remain legally until they gain in-process (en trĂ¡mite) residency the day of their first Immigration appointment. Either way, the end goal is permanent residency


  • Police Clearance Certificate + Apostille from birth country and from those where you lived for over 180 days during the 5 year period preceding your arrival to Uruguay.
  • Vaccination history.
  • Pap smear (women of all ages).
  • Mammogram (women over 50).
  • Proof of foreign income.
  • Birth Certificate + Apostille.
  • Marriage Certificate + Apostille.

What is Included in This Service

My Latin Life’s Uruguay visa & residency application process includes: 

  • Full counseling during the entire duration of the application.
  • Compilation, compliance revision, and due diligence work of all necessary paperwork, as well as taking care of all appointments and communication with immigration and consular officers. 
  • Concierge services in Uruguay (legal advice, representation, and legal translation services). 

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