Uruguay Bank Account

Get an Uruguay bank account as a non-resident of Uruguay.

You already KNOW it’s important to have bank accounts internationally.

Here’s your chance to get a bank account in one of the world’s best banking jurisdictions.

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  • Passport
  • Utility bill
  • Latest tax return
  • Bank statements of the past 30 days for each account you own
  • Proof of income
  • Letter from your bank stating the following: 1) Since when do you operate with them, 2) Which products you have with them, 3) That you’re in good standing with them


  • Do I need to physically come to Uruguay? No, the account can be opened remotely.
  • What bank is it with? Will be revealed after you pay.
  • This bank account is an excellent ‘tunnel’ or starting point for a larger financial and banking presence in Uruguay.
  • If you eventually want Uruguay residency (though not mandatory for this product), we highly recommend opening this bank account first to more easily prove income for the residency application.

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