Vintage Travel Posters Of Latin America

In this post, I curate over 100 vintage travel posters of Latin America — organized by country — with prints dating from the early 1900s to the 1990s.

Ladies and gentlemen, you won’t want to miss this one!

The Best Least-Obvious Places To Live In Latin America


These days, the majority of the emails I receive (aside from hate mail, of course) have something to do with relocating to Latin America. Students that are wondering where to do a year abroad, retired men who are looking to say adios to the United States, digital nomads who are looking for a good base to settle down for a few months…folks from all kinds of backgrounds who are looking to live south of the border for various reasons.

Usually, they’re trying to sort out which city in Latin America would be best for them to live in. Here are some less-obvious answers to that question.

Paraguayan Girls: Are They Underrated?

Paraguayan girls. For most, they’re a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Even now — in 2020 going on 2021 — there’s relatively little information about the country and its people.

Fortunately, I’m here to change that!

Asuncion, Paraguay Women and Dating Guide

Ahh, Paraguay. The overlooked nation smack dab in the middle of South America. I had the good fortune to visit Asuncion this year for a chunk of time, and I’m here to be your travel guide!

Encarnacion, Paraguay Travel Guide

The capital city of Paraguay’s Itapúa Department. It lies directly across the river from the city of Posadas in Argentina (many Argentines travel across the river to shop and take advantage of Paraguay’s lower prices). The city also hosts Paraguay’s most famous Carnival celebration.