Peru Rentista Visa

The Peru Rentista Visa is designed for individuals who have a regular and permanent income from outside of Peru, such as a pension or other passive income. 


  • Eligibility: To qualify for the Rentista Visa, you must prove a permanent monthly income of at least $1,000 USD, with an additional $500 USD required for each dependent. This income should not be from employment but can come from pensions, investments, or other non-labor sources.
  • Application Process: The application can be initiated in Peru or aborad via a Peruvian Consulate
  • Requirements: Criminal record check (apostilled) and proof that the income is transferred to Peru via a bank (don’t worry we’ll help with this).
  • Benefits: The visa grants indefinite residency, exemption from the 12% import duty on personal and household items, and exemption from Peruvian income tax on the pension income. However, other sources of income may still be taxable in Peru.
  • Restrictions: Holders of the Rentista Visa are not permitted to engage in employment in Peru, as the visa is intended for those who can sustain themselves without working.
  • Residency Requirements: The Rentista Visa does not require a minimum stay in Peru, offering flexibility for those who may wish to travel. However, if you’re outside Peru for more than six months in a year, you could lose your visa status.
  • Family Members: Your immediate family members can accompany you under this visa, provided you can demonstrate the additional required income for each dependent.
  • Fees and Validity: Once granted, it offers permanent residency without the need for annual renewals. However, physical residency cards may need to be renewed every few years


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