Paraguay Drivers License

The Paraguay drivers license is an excellent addition to your drivers license portfolio. It’s also a crucial step if you intend to deepen your ties to the country.

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Requirements for Paraguay Drivers License

  • Paraguay cédula
  • visit Asuncion, Paraguay to get photo taken. You will receive an Asuncion license, not from a smaller town.


Timeline for Paraguay Drivers License

Once you have the cedula, the license can be done anytime in a single day.

Working with us, you will get “fast track” processing.

This means you can expect a shorter waiting time.

We do everything legally, provide with all the documents, tests, certificates, etc.


Why Don’t I Just Do It Myself?

You certainly can, but this “slow track” takes all morning and part of the afternoon, and you will have to take both written test and driving test. You can also go to other cities where you can get it for cheaper, but we don’t work with them. We only offer Asunción DL’s as it is the best one to have.


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Place your order here for a paraguay drivers license.



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