Panama Bank Account

Get a Panamanian bank account as a non-resident of Panama.

You already KNOW it’s important to have bank accounts internationally.

Here’s your chance to get a bank account in one of the world’s best banking jurisdictions.

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There are 3 options in terms of the docs you need to provide. For all 3 options you’ll need a Passport with 6 months validity + second piece of ID.

  1. Last 2 tax returns.
  2. Job Letter + 6 months bank statements.
  3. 6 months bank statements + pay extra so a Panamanian accountant can issue a income certification.

Job Letter Details

If you go the Job letter path because you don’t want to provide tax returns, here are the details:

  • Job Letter must state salary rate and the time frame you’ve been working at that place. This letter must have a logo, email, phone number as a point of contact so the bank can confirm its validity.
  • 6 months movements of any bank account under your name proving you received that salary outlined in the job letter.


  • Do I need to physically come to Panama? No, the account can be opened remotely.
  • What bank is it with? There are 2 options. The two banks will be revealed after you pay.
  • Minimum deposit? $50 USD.
  • Who’s actually opening the account? A licensed Panama attorney will be executing the service.
  • Is this account crypto friendly? For crypto-friendly bank account continue here.

Note: If you can appear in Panama in person there is less documentation needed.

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  • The faster you get this account setup, the faster you get to lower taxes and a better financial situation.


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