Honduras Rentista and Pensionado Visas

Honduras offers both Rentista and Pensionado (Retirement) visas.

The only real difference is a rentista requires $2,500 a month and pensionado only requires $1,500 passive income.

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Rentista Requirements

  • Permanent, legal and stable income generated abroad or in the national territory, not less than

    two thousand five hundred dollars of the United States of America (US $ 2,500.00) monthly


Pensionado Requirements

  • Permanent and stable pensions generated abroad, not less than one thousand five hundred dollars

    of the United States of America (US $ 1,500.00) per month


What Are the Physical Presence Requirements to Maintain Residency?

As a resident, you cannot spend more than 12 consecutive months outside of Honduras. This means that you will need to visit Honduras at least once every 12 months to maintain your residency. A resident should visit Honduras every 11 months. It is possible to obtain an official exception from the Institute of Migration. If you leave Honduras after obtaining your Residence Card, then your should return before 12 months go by, counting from your date of departure from Honduran soil. You only need to spend one day in Honduras to keep your residency status active. We recommend you spend the night in Honduras and not just enter for a few hours during the day.


Does Honduras Residency Lead to Citizenship?

Yes, residents of Honduras can apply for citizenship after 3 years of residency. After three years of holding residence, you can apply for citizenship. Honduras don’t not explicitly outline physical presence requirements in order to apply for citizenship, so it may be possible to spend less than 6 months a year here and still be on track for citizenship. Honduras residency allows you to qualify for citizenship with minimal physical presence. Please note that there is a physical presence requirement for maintaining the residency – you will need to visit Honduras once every twelve months for at least one day. The Honduran passport is surprisingly strong and definitely a passport worth having. As of January 2019, Honduran citizens had visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 137 countries and territories, ranking the Honduran passport 36th in terms of travel freedom. Honduras is also a member of the CA-4, providing rights of movement between the Central American countries of El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.


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