Escape Canada Package

You want to escape Canada.

You heard about paying 0%, living in Latin America, and all that good stuff.

But you don’t know how to actually execute. You don’t know how to leave the Canadian tax system. You probably have a million questions.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

We help Canadians leave Canada all the time.

Which is why we offer the “Escape Canada” package.

Order your Escape Canada package now.


What Does This Include?

  • Strategic Management from licensed CAs and CPAs On Both Canada and US Sides.
  • Strategic Management from MyLatinLife overseeing the holistic execution of the plan.
  • Canada Tax Planning with Canadian CPA.
  • Canada Departure Tax Return.
  • US LLC (Wyoming).
  • US EIN.
  • US Registered Agent.
  • Assistance opening US Bank Accounts and Credit Cards.


What is not included?

  • You are advised to have or obtain a new legal residency in another country that is not Canada. This is where MyLatinLife can also play a strategic role in determining the best (low-tax) residency in Latin America for you.


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