El Salvador Rentista and Pensionado Visas

El Salvador offers both Rentista and Pensionado (Retirement) visas.

The only real difference is a rentista requires $1,460 a month and pensionado only requires $1,095 passive income.

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  • Apostilled/authenticated criminal record check covering the previous two years of legal residency (wherever you live).
  • Documentation related to your passive income source.


What Do You Get?

The first time you apply, they will always give 1 year residency. But for your renewal you can choose to apply for 2 years.


Physical Presence Requirements

You will need 6 months of physical presence in El Salvador during the year to renew successfully.

Yeah, it’s a lot of physical presence, but this is as good as it gets in El Salvador. El Salvador doesn’t have any low-presence options short of the new $1 million dollar citizenship.


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