El Salvador Independent Worker Visa

The best option for digital nomads is the independent worker residency.

This is the simplest program to apply to and gives a lot of freedom to work in or from El Salvador. It also requires much less paperwork than the rest.

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For this program the only document needed that is issued outside El Salvador is their apostilled background check, the rest of documents are issued in El Salvador and we help you get them. For this program we submit a sworn statement from the client explaining the type of work that they will be doing in El Salvador, an approximate amount they expect to make monthly and the start date. You don’t need proof of income or employment or funds or a company.


What Do You Get?

The first time you apply, they will always give 1 year residency. But for your renewal you can choose to apply for 2 years.


Physical Presence Requirements

You will need 8 months of physical presence in El Salvador during the year to renew successfully. And you can’t stay away from the country for a continuous 3 months, but in total you can be away for 4 months.

Rentista and pensionado visas allow you to stay away for slightly more time at 6 months, but they come with more requirements to obtain the visa. Yeah, it’s a lot of physical presence, but El Salvador doesn’t have any low-presence options short of the new $1 million dollar citizenship.


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