Ecuador Residency


My Latin Life provides integral and specialized relocation services through a team of attorneys and accountants. The following is a summary of the general requirements to acquire residency in Ecuador, as well as our pricing and complementary services.


Types of Visas in Ecuador

You will need to start with a temporary residency visa is valid for two years. It can be renewed multiple times as a temporary visa for all visa types; Retirement, Pension, Investment, Professional, Volunteer, Student, and for Dependents visas*.

*Dependents visas will not be cancelled if the main Visa holder divorces or dies, applies for citizenship, or any other reason not related to the Dependent.


Travel Restrictions / Physical Presence Requirements

There are no travel restrictions with a Temporary Resident Visa and no time limit for traveling in and out of Ecuador.

However, to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa, the person holding a Temporary Resident Visa shall not have left Ecuador for longer than 90 days in total during the Temporary Resident Visa period of 21 months.

If the Temporary Resident Visa holder has exceeded 90 days out of Ecuador during the 21 months, the person will NOT be eligible to apply for permanent residency. But will be able to renew their Temporary Visa multiple times for all types of Visas.
You can apply for Permanent Residency after 21 months. When you apply for Permanent Resident Visa travel outside of Ecuador will be restricted to 180 days each year in the third and fourth years. After that you can leave the country up to two years at a time as a permanent resident.


The new law requires ALL visa applicants to present proof of Ecuadorian health insurance or coverage in Ecuador when the Visa application is submitted. Previously, it was a requirement to obtain a Cedula ID.
Processing Time
Processing your visa will take about 60 days in the US to collect the necessary documents, and 30-45 days to have your visa approved and issued. After your visa is issued in the US, there is no time limit to enter the country.
With any 2-year Temporary Visa you can apply for your Cedula (Ecuadorian ID). The Cedula allows you to work legally in Ecuador, open a business, bank accounts, and sign up for government health insurance, etc.
According to Ecuadorian law, you will be able to bring your household goods duty free (no tax.) Once you have your approved Permanent Residency Visa, Mr. Paul Wilches at Relocation Services of Ecuador (RSE) can help you I am copying him on this email.
Gringo Visas makes it EASY to apply for your Visa
We can handle your Visa application directly from our office in Cuenca, or any city in Ecuador, Canada, Europe or from the United States. There is no easier way than getting your Visa before you come to Ecuador. This way you are assured that the Visa is in your hands, before you get on the plane.
Once your application is approved, we will notify you by email that your Visa is ready to be picked up at the nearest Ecuadorian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
The income requirement for a Retirement or Pension Visa is $1,275, plus $250 for each additional dependent per month from either a Social Security system, public employee retirement, private pension plan, or 401K, IRA investments. You only have to show a guaranteed monthly income of $1,275, and your dependents can come without additional income requirements.
If you’re already in Ecuador, I can personally walk you through the process, we can assist you in having your fingerprints taken here. Then using our US office in Connecticut, we can assist you to obtain the necessary documents and apostilles. You won’t need to travel back to your home country.
Based on the information you provided, and subject to final review of your original documents, you qualify for a “Pension Visa.”
Fee is $1,550*
Each adult dependent Visa is $1,450, and $750 for each child under 18.
This fee includes:
  • Visa Processing
  • Review and pre-approval by our immigration attorney
  • Translations from English to Spanish of all documents
  • Notarization for all translated documents in Ecuador
  • Government filing fees $450 *$200 discount age 65+
  • Cedula processing and fees
  • Assistance to open a bank account
  • Public or private health insurance sign up
  • Transportation to government offices
Documents needed:
The client will need to provide an FBI background check, a State police report, and a verification letter proving a guaranteed pension.
The FBI background police report fee is $53.95, and the State police report charges between $20-$50, depending upon each state. These fees are paid directly by the client with a credit card, check or money order.
In the United States, our office in Connecticut charges $140 per apostilled document, plus a one-time courier fee of $70. If the client wishes to apostille their own documents, we can provide the necessary forms and instructions.
Fee $1,550 – Where does your money go?
$ 450.00 Government filing fee
$ 250.00 Translation fees and Ecuadorian Notarizations of all documents
$ 150.00 Cedula ID processing that includes government fees
$ 120.00 Other fees, immigration movement record, immigration forms, and local transportation
$ 580.00 Gringo Visas service fee
To start the visa process:
Please send a copy of your passport(s) or your full name (s), then I can send you a detail visa agreement for your review.
If you have any questions, you can contact me by email, or phone 1-203-648-4511, EC +593-989-153-622 WhatsApp +593-989-153-622.