Dominican Republic Investor Visa

Dominican Republic offers a very underrated investor visa.

If you don’t have passive income for the rentista visa, this is your best option.

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  • Apostilled/authenticated birth certificate.
  • Apostilled/authenticated criminal record check.
  • Investment of at least 200,000 USD in local businesses (including free zones and government contracts) or in local financial instruments. Investment in stocks, bonds, or certificates of deposit with a local bank is common. We help you open the bank account to do so.
  • Written Approval by the CEI-RD.


What Do You Get?

Immediate permanent residency (although it has to be renewed). The first time you apply, they will always give 1 year residency. On your renewal you will receive 4 years. After 2 years total residency you can apply for citizenship.


What Is Included in this Service?

  • All lawyer fees and government fees included.
  • Cost of translations and authentications not included (because they vary). 


Physical Presence Requirements

No physical presence requirements are explicitly given, but if you want to apply for citizenship it is recommended that you spend significant time in country during the 2 years leading up to your naturalization request. 


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