Costa Rica Rentista Visa

The Rentisa Visa is the classic Costa Rica residency visa.
Here’s what it takes:
a- Monthly income: The investor must prove income from foreign sources of at least USD$2,500 per month. For this a document from a CPA must be obtained (we can provide the template for the CPA to fill out or we can coordinate with a US CPA to provide this).
b- Funds deposited in a Costa Rica Bank: An investment of USD$60,000.00 would be made with a bank in Costa Rica and a letter would be issued by the bank stating that USD$2,500 will be given to the investor on a monthly basis.


1- Apostilled birth certificate of the applicant and family members, if applicable.
2- Apostilled FBI criminal record report or issued by the applicants country of birth
3- Apostilled marriage certificate (if the applicant is married and filing along with the spouse)
4- Full copies of the applicants passports (we will get these in our office when visiting Costa Rica as a valid tourist stamp must be present on the applicant’s passport to file the residency request).

Processing Time

Processing time is around 6 months, and we’ll be working with you every step of the way. You can spend time in Costa Rica while your application is being processed, or you can leave. Up to you.



  • Tax Obligations? Costa Rica is a territorial tax system, so any money you earn outside of Costa Rica is not reported nor taxed.
  • Physical presence requirements? Minimal


What’s Included?

  • All government fees
  • All legal fees
  • Ongoing support until you get your documents


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