Colombia Parent Visa

The Colombia Parent Visa is a migrant visa of type (M) category.

This visa is for the Parent of a Colombian National.

If you have a Colombian citizen child, this is the visa for you.

You can apply if either the child was born in Colombia or received Colombian citizenship by descent.

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Usually the visa is valid for 3 years. Please note that even though the Colombia parent is valid for 3 years, you may not be able to renew if you stay out of Colombia for more than six months consecutively. After 5 years on this visa, the visa holder can apply for permanent residency.


Required Documents

  • Passport
  • You may need to demonstrate financial solvency through bank statements for the last 6 months and provide proof of income.
  • You may need to do a personal, virtual or phone interview .


What is Included

  • Your application will be handled by a qualified Colombian lawyer.
  • All government and lawyer fees included.


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