Colombia Digital Nomad Visa

Colombia launched it’s own digital nomad visa. As of April 2023, application are officially open for Digital Nomads to get a visa that will allow them to work and live in Colombia. It’s called the “Visa V Nómadas Digitales” (Visa V for Digital Nomads)

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What is included in this service?

  • Working with a Colombian lawyer to process your application correctly.
  • They will answer all your questions and “project manage” your application to ensure it’s done right.


What is Not Included?

  • Apostilles, translations, and government fees are not included.
  • Government fees are around $290, depending on the exchange rate, including Visa application, Visa issuance and Cedula de Extranjeria (foreign ID Card).


What About Taxes?

According to our lawyers…

1.⁠ ⁠Getting a visa doesn’t necessarily mean that you pay taxes. It just mean you can stay in the country for the granted time.

2.⁠ ⁠If you spend 183 days over a 365 days period, you become tax resident, but that doesn’t mean you are tax liable.

3.⁠ ⁠You become tax liable if, after being tax resident, you meet any of the following criteria (for this year) a.) You own assets for a value of more than $171.018.000 at december 31st of 2022 OR b.) You have earned or spend more than $53.206.000 in a year.

4.⁠ ⁠Once you are tax resident and liable, you will be required to file your taxes to the tax authority (DIAN) through an online form.



  • For this visa, we can only accept American, Canadian and European customers from Schengen countries.
  • The following documents are required for type V digital nomad visa
    • Passport Photocopy: A photocopy of the first page of your valid passport.
    • Proof of Legal Entry: A photocopy of the page of your passport showing last stamp of entry or departure of Colombia.
    • Letter from a Foreign Company: Letter in Spanish or English, issued by one or several foreign companies for which the foreigner provides his services, indicating the type of relationship and the type of remuneration received by the applicant. If you have a contract with said company, provide it, or demonstrate that you are a partner or co-owner of a company abroad and a letter indicating that your work for the company is carried out remotely.
    • Motivational Letter: In the case of entrepreneurs, submit a motivational letter explaining your entrepreneurship project and the financial and human resources you have or hope to have for your enterprise;
    • Bank Statements: Demonstrate through bank statements having income equivalent to three (3) Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wages (SMLMV) in the last 3 months: 750 USD APRX.
    • Proof of Health Insurance: Health policy with coverage in the national territory against all risks in case of accident, illness, maternity, disability, hospitalization, death or repatriation, for the time foreseen for their stay in the country.
    • Passport photo: Passport style face photo with a white background, sized at 3 cm width X 4 cm height, maximum size of 300 kb jpg file for online application.



  • It is recommended to start this process, if already in Colombia, at least 45 days before the tourism permit or its extension expires. That is, before you use your 180 days quota as a tourist in the country.
  • Once the visa application is submitted, a response is expected in 30 days.


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