The 100 Best Blogs About Latin America

Friends, enemies, admirers and haters!

I’ve another post for you today. This time, I’ll be talking about the best blogs about Latin America.

First, we’ll break down some good blogs that cover the entire region, and then we’ll get into specific countries.

Strap yourself in, because this will be a long list.

23 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Mexico

It’s time to take a trip back in time with these vintage photos of Mexico.

As someone who loves old photos (and Mexico) it seemed only logical that I put together a post like this.

So, I scoured the Internet and dug up some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Is “Escaping The West” A Legitimate Reason To Move Abroad?

Today, I’d like to talk about something a little different.

Against my better judgement, I’ve been spending more time on Twitter lately, and I couldn’t help but notice a trend.

For various reasons, a lot of people think the West is going to shit.

And a lot of people want to get out and relocate to greener pastures.

Is “Escaping the West” due to cultural decline really a legitimate reason to move abroad?

What Happened To Venezuela? An Explanation Of The Current Crisis

You may have seen some crazy shit on the Internet recently about Venezuela.

Mass protests, moves by President Maduro to rewrite the constitution and, of course, the perpetual food and medical shortages, crime waves and violence.

So, how did all this happen to a country that was once among the richest in Latin America? 

My Latin Life’s Guide To Mexican Drug Cartels

Since 2006, the Mexican Drug War has claimed nearly 200,000 lives.

And 2017 has been the bloodiest year yet, with over 20,000 recorded murders.

Drug smuggling is old hat in Mexico, dating back to the 1800s when Chinese immigrants first introduced the Opium poppy to the Sierra Madre mountains.

But why the sudden spike in violence? To get the answer, we must travel back to the 1980s.

The 5 Safest Capital Cities In Latin America

No one is ever going to entirely agree on a “safest cities” list.

First of all, it’s hard to get a read on these things. Official crime statistics simply can’t be trusted in Latin America. I raise my eyebrows in amusement when journalists claim that Mexico City has a lower murder rate than cities like Washington D.C or Boston, erroneously assuming that Mexican law enforcement agencies report murder rates with the same accuracy as American law enforcement agencies. Also, many people in Central and South America don’t bother to report crimes such as robbery (or, in some cases, even murder) because they either don’t trust law enforcement, or they know that law enforcement is so inefficient that the perpetrators are unlikely to ever be caught anyway.

Second, personal experience tends to color perception.