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Ciudad Juarez – City Guide for Nomads and Expats

*The following city guide was written and submitted by Matt H.
Ciudad Juarez is the largest city in the state of Chihuahua and was previously known as Paso Del Norte (pass to the north in Spanish). Located on the United States border across from El Paso, Texas, it is an important trading post between Mexico and the US.

Salvador, Brazil – City Guide for Nomads and Expats

In Walt Disney’s 1945 animated film The Three Caballeros, José Carioca, a cigar-smoking parrot, famously asks Donald Duck if he’s “ever been to Bahia.” Donald replies that he hasn’t, and proceeds to get a bashing from Jose for having not done so. You’ll deserve the same verbal abuse if you decide to leave Salvador, Bahia off your travel itinerary.

Monterrey for Nomads

Monterrey, Mexico – City Guide for Nomads and Expats

An important business and industrial city in Mexico. Probably the richest city in the country (Mexico City would be a close second) It’s very much an American-style city with a lot of fast food joints and hotel chains. Very modern, and many people are well-off and sexy.

My Latin Life’s Best Cities In Latin America

I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the best cities for a tourist to visit in Latin America. The list is based on the criteria outlined on my cities guides, so you’ll want to click on the link to the city to get a thoroughgoing breakdown on the destination to find out why it ranked the way it did.