Brazil Investor Visa

Our Investor Visa Application Service is crafted to guide and support individuals seeking to invest in Brazil, facilitating a straightforward and hassle-free process for those looking to explore business opportunities or make strategic investments in the country.

The Brazilian Investor Visa is a unique pathway for foreign nationals aiming to contribute to Brazil’s economic growth through investments. Whether you’re considering real estate ventures, financial investments, or engaging in productive activities, our service is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

To qualify for an Investor Visa, individuals are required to make substantial investments in Brazilian assets, which may include real estate, financial instruments, or ventures that contribute to job creation and economic development.

Brazil has specific minimum investment thresholds depending on the type of investment and its location within the country, starting with 150 000R$ for innovative business investment and 700.000R$ for real estate.

Investment Options:

  • Real Estate: Explore opportunities in residential or commercial real estate. Minimum investment of R$700.000 in the North and Northeast regions, R$1.000.000 in other regions.
  • Productive Activities: Contribute to Brazil’s economic development by investing in businesses or engaging in productive activities. The minimum investment is of R$500.000 for individuals, R$600.000 if done through legal entities and R$150.000 for investments in technology and research.

Applicants will need to submit a comprehensive set of documents, including proof of investment, financial statements, and a detailed business plan if applicable. Legal assistance is highly recommended to ensure all requirements are met.

The approval process involves a thorough review of the investment proposal, financial documents, and compliance with Brazilian immigration regulations. 

Investor Visas are typically granted for a two to four years period, and renewal is contingent upon meeting necessary requirements and complying with immigration regulations. The duration can vary based on the nature of the investment.

Our all-inclusive service package is designed to simplify the entire application process, offering support in:


  1. Visa application file management
  2. Document collection
  3. Application submission
  4. Compliance check
  5. Legal representation
  6. Ongoing follow-up
  7. Guidance on local business environment
  8. Issuance of necessary documents for residence
  9. Translation services as required
  10. Bank account opening upon VISA obtention 
  11. Comprovante de Inscrição e Situação Cadastral do CPF Issuing
  12. Company creation
  13. Business Plan 
  14. Real Estate assistance
  15. Tax support
  16. Administrative management


Please note that specific requirements may vary based on individual circumstances, and our service fee does not cover expenses related to government fees or other external requirements.




– What is the processing time for Investor Visas?

The processing time varies, but applicants should anticipate a timeframe ranging from several weeks to twelve months, depending on the complexity of the investment and the regulatory process.


– Can I engage in business activities with an Investor Visa?

Yes, an Investor Visa allows you to actively participate in business and investment activities in Brazil.


– Is citizenship possible after obtaining an Investor Visa?

While an Investor Visa doesn’t directly lead to citizenship, individuals may explore the possibility of naturalization after meeting specific residency requirements and conditions upon visa renewal and enough time spent in the country.


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