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The Digital Nomad Visa Explained

Brazil offers a residence permit for foreigners who work remotely for foreign employers. The requirements are proof of employment, means of subsistence and availability of bank funds. 

This is a temporary residence issued initially for one year that can be renewed for an equal period. After this period, one must switch to another residence type. 

The application can be done from within Brazil or outside the country.


Required Documents

  • Valid travel document (passport) or other document proving your identity and nationality, in accordance with the treaties to which the country is a party
  • Health insurance valid in the national territory
  • Filling in the necessary forms
  • Proof of means of transport entering the national territory
  • Criminal record certificate issued by the country of origin or, at discretion of the authority and according to the peculiarities of the country where the visa is requested, an equivalent document


Brazilian authorities also require foreigners to prove their status as a digital nomad and that they have the capacity to subsist in the country. For this the following documents must be presented:

  • A statement from the foreigner attesting to their ability to carry out their professional activities remotely using information and communication technologies; and
  • Employment or service contracts or other documents proving the relationship with a foreign employer; and
  • Proof of means of subsistence, from a foreign source of payment, in a monthly amount equal to or greater than US$1,500.00 or availability of bank funds of at least US$ 18,000.00.


The Step by Step

  1. The visa application procedure begins with the request at the E-consular portal. 
  2. After validating the documents, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with the Brazilian consulate in the country where the foreigner resides. Alternatively, if the foreigner is already in Brazil, an appointment can also be scheduled locally. 
  3. The appointment will be for an interview and personal delivery of documents, remembering that each consulate has its own procedures, and it is possible to request additional documents to those already mentioned.
  4. Once the digital nomad visa has been granted, the foreigner must go to the Federal Police (PolĂ­cia Federal) for registration in Brazil, to obtain an RNM (National Migration Registration) and to apply for the residence permit.


The Service

MyLatinLife works with specialized jurists who were the first to successfully apply and obtain digital nomad visas in Brazil. 

Our service offer includes:

  • Application file management 
  • Documents collection 
  • Application submission 
  • Payment of all state and consular fees
  • Reaching out to the different contact persons on the client’s behalf
  • Compliance check 
  • Management of sworn translation and apostille by competent professionals (when applicable) 
  • Federal Police Registration 
  • Appointment Booking 
  • RNM issuance
  • Follow-Up 

What is not included:

  • Translation and apostille costs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the Digital Nomad Visa lead to permanent residency and/or citizenship?

No, the digital nomad visa does not lead to permanent residence or citizenship, but it can lead to tax residency if the applicant stays over 183 days in Brazil.

After staying in Brazil for two years with the nomad visa, you will have to change your residence type or leave the country.


Do I need a CPF?

No, you can have a digital nomad visa without CPF.

However having a CPF may make your life easier in Brazil. If you want a CPF, you can order your CPF remotely with us here.


How long does the Digital Nomad Visa process take?

Collecting all the documents and preparing everything for your application usually takes about 1-2 months.

There is no way to exact time for granting a visa, depending largely on the agility and demand of the Brazilian consulate where the visa is being applied for or the local authorities. 

  • For applications made from abroad, usually the response time of the Brazilian consulate is between 5-60 days.
  • For applications submitted within Brazil, the Ministry of Justice usually takes about 20-50 days to answer once the application has been filed.


Do I have to go to Brazil to request the Nomad Visa or the CPF?

No. The process can be done from Brazil or abroad.


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