The Easiest Country in South America to Get Laid

Welcome to part two of my “easiest places to get laid in Latin America series (part one is here).

Let me just say right off the bat that I hate the term “getting laid.” I don’t even know if frat boys still use this. But, alas, it’s what is giving my pages the most hits so I have to go with it. So forgive me if I come across as a wide-eyed amateur in my terminology.

Alright, now for the serious stuff.

Why Do Latinos Cheat So Much?

You don’t have to be in Latin America long to realize that there’s a cheating bonanza going on. Men are the main culprits, but women aren’t innocent either; many a personal trainer has laid pipe to a housewife while el señor was away at the office. Don’t believe me? Ask the New York Times. In a not-so-recent article, the newspaper reported that Latin American men are the second-most adulterous on the planet (after sub-Saharan Africans).But why? You ask. Why do Latinos cheat so much more than, say, Caucasians?Well, I’m not Latino, but I have cheated and lived in Latin America, so I’m going to take a stab at this one.

5 Easiest Places To Get Laid in Latin America

Some cities in Latin America are known for their rich culture. Others, for breathtaking architecture. And then, there are the cities that are known for having women that are easy to sleep with. Here are those cities.