Argentina Birth Tourism Package

Argentina is one of the best countries in the world for birth tourism.

Argentina is a jus solis country, meaning any baby born in Argentina is automatically an Argentine citizen.

However, Argentina has something special that other countries lack:

The parents can apply for citizenship DIRECTLY after obtaining residency and being the parents of an argentinian child.

Whereas in Brazil one has to stay as a permanent resident for 1 year and in Mexico 2 years, Argentina lets parents apply for citizenship right away.

This is based on Decree 3213/198, that allows one to skip the 2 years for naturalization if one has sufficient “arraigos” / ties to the country. An Argentinian child counts.

This is why we have prepared an Argentina Birth Tourism package.


What’s Included?

The package consists of 3 parts:

1) A consulting session with our lawyers on the whole process
2) The residencia precaria application
3) The citizenship process


How Long Does the Naturalization Process Take?

One can’t give an exact timeline because naturalizations in Argentina are a judicial procedure, so depends on when you get an appointment with a judge. The estimate is around 1 year total.

As for how long you have to stay…

1) It’s important to understand that the citizenship applications are evaluated by a judge so there is always a degree of subjectivity. Among other things, the judges will evaluate entries and exits to the country. If he sees you came, gave birth, applied, LEFT and was absent the entire time until your hearing… we cant guarantee he will judge in your favour. So we recommend you stay as much as possible, and if you leave, leave in a way that indicates short absences and an intent to live in Argentina.

2) Same thing for the issuance of residency: if you apply for temporary residence, first you get the residencia precaria. the precaria is valid for 90 days and one has to renew it until the temporary is issued. If you apply, get the precaria, leave and dont come back… they might not even give you the temporary residency afterwards


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