Argentina Active Investor Visa

Also known as the Inversionista Visa, Argentina’s Active Investor Visa, is designed for individuals who invest a specified minimum amount in a business within Argentina and actively manage it. The visa offers a path to citizenship and permanent residency under certain conditions, including investment maintenance and physical presence requirements.

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Under the act no 25.871, Dto. 616/2010, Dto. 70/2017, an investor visa may be granted to a foreign national who intends to make an investment in Argentina for an amount not less than ARS1,500,000 (Argentine pesos) in any lawful business engaging in a productive, commercial or service activity.

To qualify for Argentina’s Inversionista Visa, applicants must present and gain ministerial approval for a business plan and invest at least ARS 1.5 million (around US$6,000 in June 2023) in the capitalization of that business. The capital must be placed in a financial institution recognized by Argentina’s central bank.

– Clean criminal record. Police clearance certificate from the countries where you have resided for a period of more than one year during the last three years, together with an affidavit stating lack of criminal records.
– Proof of financial situation
– Proof of source of funds.
– Investment and Business plan.
– CV and evidence of business background
– All documents must be duly translated into Spanish.


Physical Presence Requirements

  • Please note that, like all Argentina residency options, you will need to spend 6+ months per year in Argentina to renew successfully.


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