Insured Nomads Review (Is It Worth It?)

The challenge of health insurance for digital nomads is that the healthcare system wasn’t built for people like us.


One of the primary issues is the lack of a fixed residence. Traditional health insurance policies are often geographically limited, being tied to a specific region or country.

Additionally, the variability in coverage needs is a major concern. Nomads require health insurance that caters to a wide range of medical services across different countries, each with its unique healthcare system. This includes not just emergency services but also routine check-ups and the management of chronic conditions.

To address these challenges, nomads often seek specialized insurance providers that offer flexible, global coverage.

Insured Nomads is solving that problem by building health insurance specifically for expats and digital nomads. Insured Nomads had much higher customer satisfaction ratings that most other travel insurance companies. They have tons of different packages.

One cool reason for getting this insurance is for the medical evacuation, in case you travel to remote regions and need a (very expensive) helicopter evacuation. We’ve found Insured Nomads to have excellent customer service and affordable comprehensive coverage plans.

Even though healthcare in Latin America can be inexpensive to pay out of pocket, Insured Nomads really helps with the downside protection of preventing disasters and big unexpected expenses.

Don’t travel without nomad insurance!