How to Book an Onward Flight

An “onward flight” refers to a confirmed travel plan from a country that you are visiting to another destination. It’s essentially a proof of your intention to leave the country after a short stay, such as for tourism or transit.

Immigration Requirements

Many countries require proof of an onward flight upon entry to ensure that visitors have plans to leave before their visa or allowed stay expires. This is to prevent illegal overstaying.

An onward flight can be a return flight to your home country or a flight to a third country.

Airlines often ask for proof of an onward flight before boarding. You might not be able to board your flight without an onward flight.

How Do You Obtain an Onward Flight?

One way is to use, buy a refundable ticket, show it at customs, and cancel it (within 24 hours) after you successfully pass customs.

The best way is to use a site like Onward Ticket, where you can buy a “flight reservation” that is verifiable on Airline’s Websites. The benefit is it doesn’t expire in 24 hours. This is key if you are applying for a visa and need a flight reservation. What we like about Onward Ticket is, unlike some fake ticket providers, our reservations are 100% legitimate with a Passenger Name Record (PNR) code under your name that you can verify with the airline. It’s legit.