Francisco Litvay on Special Economic Zones and Territorial Tax Systems | My Latin Life Podcast #44 🌴

Francisco Litvay is a Brazilian-Austrian dual citizen, digital nomad, and founder of flag theory education platform Settee. Francisco is an expert in Special Economic Zones, territorial tax systems, and second residency and citizenship options worldwide. He has been bringing these concepts to a Portuguese speaking audience for the first time.  
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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Francisco’s Journey as a Brazilian-Austrian Dual Citizen 
22:30 Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and ZEDEs 
51:00 Territorial Tax Systems and Foreign-Sourced Income 
1:10:30 Moving to Portugal and the NHR Program 
1:21:30 Birth Tourism for Citizenship Strategies (Brazil, Latin America) 
1:42:30 Fast Easy Citizenship and Second Passport Ideas  
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