Captain Mark Zolo – How (Not) to Buy a Boat and Sail the Caribbean | My Latin Life Podcast #41 🌴

Mark Zolo is an Irish writer and adventurer. He has visited 120+ countries and is serious candidate for most interesting man in the world. In this episode, Mark recounts his epic sailing trip through 8 Caribbean countries in the Lesser Antilles.  This is his second appearance on the podcast.

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🌴 Timestamps:  
0:00 Inspirations & Planning the Caribbean Sailing Trip 
19:50 Misadventures Sailing the Lesser Antilles 
47:50 How to Enter a Foreign Country on a Boat 
50:40 Tragedy Strikes Sailing the Coast of Guadaloupe 
1:12:30 The Logistics of Owning a Sail Boat 
1:30:00 Tragedy Strikes Again in St. Kitts & Nevis 
1:50:30 The Secret World of Sailing  
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