Venezuela Investor Visa (TR-I): How to Get Residency in Venezuela with Real Estate Investment

The best way to get residency in Venezuela is with a real estate investment.

Venezuela residency permits will be granted to people or representatives of companies who have established contacts (demonstrated through reliable documents) and whose investment has been accepted by the corresponding official Venezuelan organizations.

In Spanish the visa is referred to as the ‘TRANSEÚNTE INVERSIONISTA (TR-I)’. This is not to be confused with the TR-N visa, which only has 1 year duration. The best Venezuela visa for investors is undoubtedly the TR-I.


Required Documents for the Venezuela Investor Visa

To apply for the Transient Investor Visa, the following information must be submitted to the Consulate General:

  • Visa application form (provided by the Consular Office) duly completed.
  • Original passport with a minimum validity of six (6) months.
  • Descriptive letter and supporting documents of the investment made in Venezuela
  • Two (2) recent photos (front, color and passport size).
  • General Medical or Health Certificate (apostilled, legalized or countersigned).
  • Criminal Record Certificate (apostilled, legalized or countersigned). of the country of origin or where you have resided for the last five (5) years

Once the requirements have been verified, the applicant must pay €60 euros (if applying in Europe) or $60 USD as an application fee for “Consular Rights” at the consular office


What Type of Visa Will I Receive?

The Investor’s Visa will get you a temporary residence permit with 3 years of validity. You will be granted a visa duration of three (3) years, allowing multiple entries, without a limit of permanence.

Once the 3 years have expired, you will be able to renew your visa. You can request an extension of up to two (2) years. After 5 years of temporary residence you will be able to request permanent resident status. The application for permanent residence will require meeting certain requirements established by the Interior Justice and Peace Ministry.


Can My Family Join Me in Venezuela under the Investor Visa Program?

Yes. The spouse, children under the age of 18, parents and step-parents of the bearer of the Investor’s Visa are able to relocate to Venezuela to settle with the primary visa holder. Family members will be granted the Family Visa (TR-F).

What is the Minimum Investment Size?

Some sources say the minimum investment is $100,000 USD. The reality is that the minimum investment size will differ depending on which embassy you request your visa through. Different Venezuelan embassies will have slightly different requirements.The amount will also depend on whether you invest in real estate or other investment opportunities.

Do I Need to Invest in Real Estate?

Real estate is the easiest and most straight forward investment. It appears that other types of investments such as stakes in companies will be accepted, but this is up to the discretion of the officers at the Venezuelan embassy. 

Can Foreigners Own Real Estate in Venezuela?

Generally speaking, there are no restrictions for foreign ownership of land in Venezuela, Foreigners are able to buy real estate in Venezuela in their own name. Property can also be acquired indirectly, so foreigners may buy through foreign or local companies. You will be able to buy for recreational or commercial purposes. 

Do I Make the Investment Before or After Receiving the Visa?

This will depend from embassy to embassy, but typically you need to make the investment PRIOR to obtaining the visa. Investor visas are granted to those foreign citizens who already have an investment made in Venezuela.If you go to Venezuela to evaluate investment or business opportunities, you must apply for the Transient Business Visa (TR-N), which is valid for one (1) year, multiple entries, even when the beneficiary can only stay in the country for a period of up to one hundred and eighty (180) days.


What are the Best Real Estate Markets in Venezuela?

The best cities to invest in real estate are Caracas (east side), Valencia, Lechería, Merida, and Isla Margarita. The city of Maracaibo is less attractive for investment. Caracas is likely to absorb the majority of foreign direct investment into Venezuela. It is recommended to invest in markets that boast a diversified economy and are not 100% dependent on tourism. For that reason, the top 3 cities to invest into are Caracas, Valencia, and Lechería.


Can I get an Investor Visa if I’m Already in Venezuela?

There is another way to get a Venezuela Investor Visa without going through your local embassy. You can go to Venezuela and register a local company. This method may well be a more straightforward process, however it is more recommend to first try to get the investor visa at your local embassy and if the process gets stuck, just go for the company registration. We have contacts on the ground in Venezuela that can help with this process.

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