David Klefeker | My Latin Life Podcast #36 🌴

David Klefeker holds multiple residency permits and investment properties around the world. 
He documents his journey on Twitter and the Youtube channel How We Life. Listen in for tips and inspiration about nomad life, flag theory, investing in international Airbnb properties, and getting Plan B residencies and citizenships.

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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Citizenship by Investment in Turkey 
3:00 Operating 30+ Airbnbs Around the World 
14:30 The Inspiration of Legendary Investor Jim Rogers 
19:30 Life as an American Expat  
28:00 Residency Options (Portugal, Montenegro, Georgia, Armenia, Mexico) 
41:00 Meeting Robert Kiyosaki, Doug Casey, The Wandering Investor, etc 
43:20 Thoughts on Giving Up US Citizenship  
48:30 Tips for Investing in International Airbnb Properties 
56:00 Investing in Portuguese Real Estate 
1:05:30 How to Start Building a Plan B from your Kitchen Table  
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