Jake Nomada | My Latin Life Podcast #35 🌴

Jake Nomada has been building businesses and living a life of adventure in Latin America for damn near a decade. 
Jake is one of our most requested guests and one of the true OGs of LatAm travel.  

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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Inspiring a Generation of Latam Travelers (Kyle Trouble, Eddy Quan, Dylan Madden etc) 
16:50 Jake’s Early Inspirations (Victor Pride, Roosh V, Mike Cernovich) 
37:30 Traveling Solo vs Traveling with Bros 
51:20 Why Latin America 
1:00:30 Resisting Pressure to “Water Down” the Content 
1:11:30 LatAm as a Class-Based Society 
1:23:00 Permanent Residency in Panama, Mexico, Honduras, Armenia 
1:29:55 Early Stories from Paraguay
1:39:30 How Traveling Has Changed 
1:53:05 Buying a Yacht in Panama and Sailing LatAm (Mark Zolo style) 
2:03:00 “Where Should I Go?”  
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