Joey Langenbrunner of Liberland and El Salvador CIP | My Latin Life Podcast #29 🌴

Joey Langenbrunner is the Deputy Representative of Liberland and Chief Sales Officer at El Salvador CIP. Joey is an expert at the confluence of citizenship diversification, second passports, crypto, and nation building in both Europe and Latin America. Joey is very up to date with residency and citizenship developments in El Salvador.

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🌴 Timestamps:  
0:00 Intro (Burn the Boats) 
5:00 Moving to El Salvador, Bitcoin City, Bitcoin Beach 
9:15 What is Liberland? 
21:00 Micronations and International Recognition  
36:30 Support for Liberland (Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver) 
43:30 How to Get Residency in El Salvador 
1:04:00 Bitcoin Citizenship (Buying Passports with Crypto)  
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