Eddy Quan on Money Twitter and 10 Years in Colombia | My Latin Life Podcast #28 🌴

Eddy Quan is an Australian writer who has been living in Colombia for almost 10 years.
Eddy went from enslaved 9-5er accountant to successful freelance writer who makes a full-time income writing online. He has 80,000+ followers on Twitter (@andwaronweakness) and a popular email list.

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🌴 Timestamps: 

0:00 Eddy’s Journey from Malaysia to Papua New Guinea to Australia to Colombia
14:30 Arriving in Colombia in 2012
29:00 From Teaching English to Money Twitter and Brand Building
36:30 Talking Victor Pride, Bold and Determined, Jake Nomada, Roosh V, Cernovich
49:30 Email Marketing and Email List Secrets
1:05:30 Thoughts on Gumroad, Landing Pages, Marketing Funnels
1:14:30 Life in Colombia as an Entrepreneur
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