Mitko Karshovski on the Future of Remote Work | My Latin Life Podcast #25

Mitko Karshovski is a leader in the digital nomad community and host of the That Remote Life podcast.
Mitko is a lifelong entrepreneur currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born in Varna, Bulgaria and moved to the United States at the age of eleven. He is an astute commentator on digital nomadism and the future of work. At the time of this interview, Mitko was living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
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🌴 Timestamps:
0:00 Mitko’s Origin Story (Biotech to Nomad)
12:10 Building a Personal Brand (Pat Flynn, Johnny FD, Gary Vaynerchuk)
21:45 Employeefication of the Digital Nomad Community
38:30 The Art of Podcasting
1:00:00 Mitko’s new venture (Parable)
1:08:00 Living in Puerto Vallarta as a Digital Nomad
1:18:00 Digital Nomad Hotspots in Mexico and Latin America
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