Kyle Trouble | My Latin Life Podcast #24

Kyle Trouble has been making money online since 2015. Kyle is known for his travel writing, podcasting, and highly active Twitter account. He inspires people to become free & sovereign individuals.  
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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Kyle Trouble Early Days (Historic) 
6:20 Biggest Inspirations (Roosh V, Bold and Determined) 
9:15 Meeting Jake Nomada in 2015 
13:00 Systems Engineer to Blogger, Affiliates,  Entrepreneurship 
21:30 The Global Market for Remote Work  
27:40, Hiring VAs, Geoarbitrage 
48:00 FTEs vs Contractors 
53:20 Living in the USA vs Living Abroad 
58:30 Living in Eastern Europe vs Latin America 
1:06:00 Residency in Ukraine, Italian Citizenship by Descent  
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