Dennis Demori on Email Marketing, Twitter, and High Ticket Offers | My Latin Life Podcast #23 🌴

Dennis Demori is an expert email marketer and Twitter personality. He has worked with the likes of Ed Latimore, Casey Research, Ryan Booth, Chase Dimond, and The Primal Man. Dennis will teach you how to building a freedom-based, one-person business.

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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Going All In on Copywriting 
8:00 The Value of Remote Work 
12:00 Mexico for Digital Nomads 
19:00 What Makes a Good City 
24:20 Italian Citizenship by Descent 
28:00 Building a Plan B 
36:35 Email Marketing and High Ticket Offers 
50:20 Understanding Email Lists 
1:03:00 Email Kit and Dennis Offerings  

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