The Wandering Investor | My Latin Life Podcast #22 🌴

Ladislas Maurice, also known as The Wandering Investor, is an expert in international real estate investing and second residency permits. He has visited almost 100 countries, speaks 4 languages, and holds multiple passports and permanent residencies.
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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Intro 
1:40 Becoming an Emerging Markets Investor 
3:30 Starting a Blog and Youtube Channel on Frontier Investing  
4:50 Internationalization Consulting 
7:30 How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent 
10:55 Citizenship By Investment in Turkey 
15:00 Flags, Residencies, and Passports in Latin America 
21:30 Living and Getting Residency in Nicaragua 
23:40 How Many Passports and Residencies Do You Have? 
26:00 Investing in Medellin, Colombia (Airbnbs, Residency, Citizenship) 
29:30 Legendary Investor Jim Rogers 
31:05 Montenegro and Serbia Residency Programs 
33:00 Latin America vs Eastern Europe vs Africa  
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