James Guzman (Borderless) | My Latin Life Podcast #19 🌴

James Guzman is an expat living in San Miguel de Allende, host of the highly influential Borderless Podcast and founder of the Borderless Blog.

James is a pioneer in the international living, offshoring, and perpetual traveler movements.


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🌴 Timestamps:

0:00 Working for Peter Schiff an Euro Pacific Capital

5:35 Starting the Borderless Podcast

6:30 Moving to San Miguel de Allende

7:40 Murray Rothbard, Mises Institute, Austrian Economics

11:50 Real Estate in Latin America

17:30 Perpetual Traveler (PT) Movement

25:10 Recommended PT Books

33:00 Second Residency, Second Citizenship

40:00 Borderless Podcast as a Pioneering Podcast

44:00 Statelessness

48:00 The Future of Second Residency Programs

1:00:30 Mexico Real Estate, Fideicomiso, Retirement

1:20:00 Healthcare and Health Insurance in Mexico


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