Ric Gazarian (Global Gaz) | My Latin Life Podcast #17 🌴

Ric Gazarian (Global Gaz) is on a quest to travel to all 193 UN countries.
He is the host of the Counting Countries podcast and a co-founder of the Extraordinary Travel Festival. Ric is humble about it, but he’s one of the most well traveled people in human history. He also contributes to his own travel blog (globalgaz.com), Nomad Mania, and Travel Massive.
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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Chasing 193 Countries 
3:00 Africa to Bangkok 
5:45 What is Competitive Travel? 
8:00 Travel Massive, Extraordinary Travel Festival, Nomad Mania 
11:30 Counting Countries Podcast, Jeff Shea, Francis Tapon 
14:20 Traveling to Every Country in the World 
18:40 How to Travel to Every Country in the World 
23:00 The World’s Top Travelers 
29:30 On Drew Binksy, Jorge Sanchez 
33:00 What Counts as Visiting a Country? 
36:00 What Country to Make Your Last Country? 
38:00 Johnny Ward the Irish Traveler, Naughty Nomad 
40:30 Ric on Latin America 
47:00 Ric on Central America 
55:00 Nomad vs Home Base 
57:30 Ric on Language Learning 
1:01:20 Is It Possible to See Everything? 
1:07:10 The Sacrifice and Trade Off of Visiting Every Country 
1:10:30 Where Is The World Going? The Rise of Asia 
1:27:55 Visas & Logistics Challenges of Visiting Every Country   
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