Dylan Madden | My Latin Life Podcast #18 🌴

Dylan Madden is a Twitter personality, Youtuber, and freelancer living in Asuncion, Paraguay.

He is a master networker and collaborates frequently with people like the Tate Brothers (Andrew and Tristan), Lawrence King, Jake Nomada, Cernovich, Victor Pride and Ed Latimore. In this interview, Dylan shares his story going from normal guy in South Carolina to digital nomad and international business mogul.

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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 – Introduction
2:01 – Traveling the World, Meeting Jake Nomada 
5:10 – Meeting Andrew Tate (Tate Brothers) 
10:10 – Becoming a Business Owner 
21:56 – Networking with ‘Nothing’ to Offer  
41:00 – The Secret to Twitter  
54:25 – Working with Andrew and Tristan Tate  
1:01:00 Being One of the First Members of the War Room 
1:11:00 – The Tate Management Style  
1:36:00 – Introduction to Paraguay  
1:39:00 – Making a Name in Paraguay  
1:52:00 – Traveling from Paraguay to Europe


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