Han Talbot aka Han Meets World | My Latin Life Podcast #16

Han Talbot (Han Meets World) is a travel blogger and host of The Remote Life podcast.
She started her journey through an exchange in Florianopolis, Brazil. Han now makes a full time income by freelancing and working online, and is a major advocate for digital nomad life and location independence.

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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Han Talbot’s Early Days in Brazil as University Student 🇧🇷 
12:20 Brasilian vs European Accent in Portuguese 
14:00 Making Money Online 
18:30 Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad 
20:00 Brazilian Community in London and Dublin 
22:30 Language Learning 
24:00 Advice for Becoming a Digital Nomad, Freelancing 
31:00 The Remote Life podcast, Mexico City Project 
34:30 Thoughts on the Digital Nomad movement 
36:45 Favorite Spots for Digital Nomads 
38:15 Han’s Projects and Future Plans  
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