Simon Ohanian, CEO of Aventura X on Doing Business in Panama | My Latin Life Podcast #15 🌴

Simon Ohanian is the CEO of Aventura X, a leading electric scooter company headquartered in Los Angeles. 
Logistical challenges led Simon to Panama, where he opened a warehouse in the Colon Free Zone in Colon, Panama and creating a base for his international business.

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🌴 Timestamps: 
0:00 Starting Aventura X, the Electric Scooter Company 
16:00 Sourcing from Asia, Tech Specs, Moving to LA 
22:30 Why Panama, Living and Doing Business in Panama, Colon Free Trade Zone 
51:00 How to Find Lawyers and Contacts in Panama 
55:00 International Hardware Businesses are Difficult 
59:00 What’s next for Aventura X  
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