Justin Marc on Dating, Travel, Toronto, and Entrepreneurship | My Latin Life Podcast #13 🌴

Justin Marc is a Toronto-based Youtuber, entrepreneur, and dating coach. At only 26 years old he runs a multi-million dollar coaching business and has over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. He has spent time in Mexico, Peru and Brasil.
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🌴 Timestamps:  
0:00 Intro 
1:00 Latinos in Toronto 
4:30 Moving to Leon Mexico, Making Online Income 
8:10 Product Launches During Covid from CDMX 
10:00 Earn Dollars, Spend Pesos 
16:00 Golden Handcuffs, Go Where You’re Treated Best 
20:00 Visiting Egypt 
23:40 Dating Coach Bradicus Getting Cancelled and Retiring 
29:30 Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta 
31:40 Job vs Entrepreneurship, Moving Back with Parents 
35:20 Value of Mentorship and Recommended Books 
37:30 Learning from Owen Cook (RSD Tyler) 
39:30 Looksmaxxing, Getting a Nosejob, New Tattoo 
44:40 Medical Tourism in Mexico, Travel Insurance, World Nomads, Safetywing 
46:30 Thoughts on Los Angeles, Moving to USA 
48:00 Being from Scarborough 
48:30 Online vs In-Person Business Models 
51:00 Dating Coaching vs Business Coaching 
53:00 Shoutouts and Justin’s Product Offerings 
56:00 Dating in Latin America vs North America  
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