Martin Toomey of Offshore Consultancy Group | My Latin Life Podcast #11 🌴

New podcast with Martin Toomey of Offshore Consultancy Group LLC.

In this episode we discuss residency options, naturalization, second passports, tax optimization, and real estate opportunities in Latin America.

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🌴 Timestamps:

0:00 How Martin Got into Offshore Consulting

9:00 Buying Investment Property in Latin America

30:35 Shoutout Sam Miller Life and Airbnb in Medellin

35:00 Tax and Residency Options in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Central America

1:05:00 Incorporating Offshore

1:09:00 FEIE and Tax Breaks for Americans Abroad

1:15:00 Tax, Residency, Naturalization, and Citizenship Questions


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