Freddy Lansky from Points Panda | My Latin Life Podcast #08

Hola Amigos,


New podcast episode with Freddy Lansky from Points Panda!

In this episode we talk about living in Mexico City, traveling Brazil, being a long-term digital nomad, working remote from Latin America, and starting/buying/selling online businesses.

Freddy is the founder of Points Panda, a credit card and travel advice website and youtube channel. Points Panda shares best unbiased editorial information on all the latest airline seats, hotel rooms, and general travel information.

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🌴 Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

3:00 Where to Live in Latin America (Peru, Brasil, Mexico, Colombia)

8:00 The Business of Points Panda and Travel Hacking

14:30 How Freddy Started Traveling

24:00 Building a Million Dollar Business Teaching Chess

28:30 How Mexico City is Changing and Gentrifying

30:00 Philosophical Thoughts on Brasil

32:00 Comparing Latin America vs Eastern Europe vs Asia

52:10 Thoughts on Language Learning

54:00 Mexican Residency, Mexican Visas, and Traveling Mexico

1:20 Philosophical Thoughts as a Long Term Digital Nomad