Marc Falzon on Bitcoin Cash Adoption in St. Kitts & Latin America | My Latin Life Podcast #06


Marc Falzon is on a mission to bring peer-to-peer cash to the world. He is documenting crypto adoption across Latin America. He joins us today from St. Kitts & Nevis, a country experiencing a wave of Bitcoin Cash adoption. He has also documented the crypto movement in El Salvador, Panama, and Thailand.

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🌴 Timestamps:

0:00 Marc’s Background and Intro to Bitcoin Cash

20:00 Bitcoin Cash Adoption in St. Kitts

37:00 Thoughts on Citizenship and Second Passports

40:30 El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption Issues

55:30 Roger Ver and Kim Dotcom Involvement in BCH

1:01:00 Crypto Predictions and Adoption in Latin America

1:17:00 BIG PREDICTION – Next Countries to Adopt Crypto

1:19:00 Thoughts on China, Argentina