New Stream with James Tusk and Troy Francis – Traveling Latin America and Where to Go

Hola Amigos!


Yesterday I guested on a stream with James Tusk and Troy Francis.

We talked about all things Latin America – especially Colombia & Playa del Carmen. 

Youtube link here: 

Topics discussed (There’s a lot of gems in here):

  • Best cities in Colombia
  • How to get residency in Colombia
  • Medellin vs Bogota vs Cali
  • Mexico vs. Brasil vs Colombia
  • Best cities in Brasil
  • Tom Torero – is he alive?
  • Territorial tax countries
  • Residency in Belize
  • Argentina
  • Argentines in Playa Del Carmen
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Flakiness in Latin America
  • Vision for My Latin Life
  • Extradition policies in Latin America
  • Expats and Digital Nomads in Latin America
  • Gentrification in Latin America
  • Visas in Latin America
  • Residency strategies in Latin America

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