Canada: It Will Be Illegal For Unvaccinated People To Leave The Country After November 30

If you’re in Canada it will be illegal for “unvaccinated” people to leave the country after November 30.  As in many countries, you may have noticed the federal government is doing its utmost to make life difficult for people it doesn’t consider “fully vaccinated.”

For now it is still possible to board a flight or train if you are not fully vaccinated (with a negative molecular test from within less than 72 hours of travel…)

HOWEVER, the situation is about to get dicey…

  1. Starting November 8, the United States will ban unvaccinated foreigners from entering. That means Canadians will be barred from entry to their only neighbour if they can’t produce those papers.
  2. After November 30, it will be illegal to board any plane (or boat) taking off from Canada without a vax pass (a negative test doesn’t count). So that leaves only cars and buses, which won’t work either as of November 8 (see point 1).

To sum it up, unvaccinated people are on a deadline to leave Canada.

That deadline is November 30th.

The alternative? Remain stuck in second-class status for at least several of months (probably longer) with drastic restrictions on normal aspects of their life (such as access to entertainment, gym facilities, bars and restaurants, and even employment). Let that sink in.

Obviously, there’s still a possibility that even more coercive measures will be imposed. (And no actual guarantee if or when Canada will reduce its current restrictions.)  On top of that, several jurisdictions are openly considering new broad lockdowns for the winter of 2021-22, and it doesn’t seem like a stretch to envision a scenario where Canadian provinces do the same.

Needless to say: people are scrambling to get out while they still can, and time is running out.

Winters in Canada were always reason enough for me to leave.  But at least I understood people that stayed put (prior to 2020, that is). Now, I think any healthy person who stays in that country, vaccinated or not, is a fool.

On a boat In the Caribbean Sea, February 2021

Where to retreat to for a few months?

So, you’re open to the idea of leaving…

Maybe you are wondering where to go, and what that would be like. The good news is that there are many great choices in Latin America, and almost all have no restrictions and are 100% open to travel.

I’ve spent three years in Latin America, spent time in several cities, and met hundreds of expats. We have observed the most nomad-friendly cities excel seven distinct criteria:

  • Weather
  • Fast & Reliable Internet Speeds
  • Easy Communication / low language barrier
  • Expat community & local culture
  • Safety
  • Proximity
  • Quality service culture

If you can find all of these things in one place, then you will be very happy.

Luckily for me, I found all those things where I’m living now in Playa del Carmen.

This part of the world was an oasis of freedom for people around the world fleeing lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021.  This season I’ll expecting even more people to come enjoy tropical winter in paradise.  Be sure to leave soon if you are affected, because in Canada it will be illegal for “unvaccinated” people to leave the country after November 30.


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