The 11 Sexiest Women From Costa Rica

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Today’s list covers the 11 Sexiest Women from Costa Rica! We’re excited to showcase some of the local talent in one of Central America’s most popular vacation destinations.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

(in no particular order)

Karina Ramos

Karina Ramos was the winner of Miss Costa Rica 2014. She’s also a television host and the owner and CEO of a modelling company. Not bad for 28 years of age!

Karina Ramos

Johanna Solano

Johanna is a television host, a model, actress, ex beauty pageant queen AND a triathlete! She most certainly deserves a spot on our list of the sexiest Costa Rican women.

Monts Del Castillo

A television host, dancer and model who is (in)famous for her plastic surgeries.

Natalia Carvajal

The winner of Miss Universe Costa Rica in 2018. We can definitely see why the judges felt compelled to give her the crown.

Melissa Diakova

Much more than a pretty face! Melissa Diakova is an actress, athlete and business administrator who founded her own company of medical products!

Verónica González Quesada

The winner of Miss Costa Rica 2007. Veronica is one of the country’s best-known models. She’s from the underrated city of Heredia, Costa Rica.

María Teresa Rodríguez

Maria is another ex-beauty queen! She is also a presenter on Costa Rican television.

Laura Ortega

Laura is a model and tik-tok sensation! She has almost 200k followers on Instagram.

Fernanda Jara

An…influencer for lack of a better term! Fernanda has amassed an impressive following on just about every social media platform in Costa Rica.

Emii Salas

An influencer, digital marketer and owner of her own clothing boutique!

Valeria Rodriguez

Valeria is an influencer and the owner of her own swimsuit company. She boasts over 125k followers on her instagram.

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The 11 sexiest women from Costa Rica.

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