The 10 Sexiest Women From Ecuador


Today we’ll be counting down the 10 sexiest women from Ecuador! Although the gorgeous girls of Ecuador are all-too-often overshadowed by the neighboring women of Colombia, that does not mean that this South American nation is lacking!

We hope to prove that with today’s list.

Let’s get into it!


Alejandra Jaramillo

An actress and television presenter from the city of Esmeraldas.

Mayra Arizaga

An Instagram model and influencer who has gained over two million followers on the platform! That makes Mayra one of the most-followed Instagram accounts in all of Ecuador.

Jennifer Ponce

Ecuador’s most popular fitness influencer! Jennifer started going to the gym at age 15 and now, eight years later, we can see that it’s certainly paid its dividends!

Virginia Limongi Silva

A model and beauty queen from Portoviejo.

Maria Fernanda Perez Rivera

An actress, singer and model from the coastal city of Manta.

Dayanara Peralta

A singer from the bustling city of Guayaquil who’s been lighting up the Ecuadorian charts lately!

Denisse Angulo

A television presenter, also hailing from Guayaquil — Ecuador’s largest city.

Leyla Espinoza

Miss Universe Ecuador 2020! Leyla is from the mid-sized city of Quevedo, one of Ecuador’s fastest growing cities.

Cristina Hidalgo Berry

The winner of Miss Ecuador 2019. She is also from Guayaquil.

Ambar Montenegro

A model and fitness influencer who was a participant on the reality show Combate Ecuador.

Alrighty folks! We’ll leave things there for now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list! And I hope you have the chance to make it down to Ecuador — it truly is a beautiful country.


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Cheers folks! And until next time.